About the Kernochan Center

The Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts was established to contribute to a broader understanding of the legal aspects of creative works of authorship, including their dissemination and use.

The center has encouraged the development of instruction at the Law School in topics such as intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, the regulation of electronic media, and problems arising from new communications technologies.

In addition to basic courses covering various aspects of intellectual property, there are special seminars in intellectual property contracts, law and the music industry, law and the visual arts, law and the theatre, computer law, sports law, and international aspects of intellectual property, as well as an Externship in Law and the Arts. The center also works with other divisions of the University, such as the School of the Arts and the Columbia School of Journalism, in seminars on topics in areas of mutual interest.

The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts is devoted to informing the public about legal issues that relate to arts, entertainment, media, and new technologies.